Meet Lee

Lee is Operations Manager for our central region, we caught up with him to find out what a typical day looks like for him, from morning commute, to lights out.


"No two days are really the same at Complete Care, but that’s part of what I enjoy about my role. I started my first role in the care industry in 2002, as a Personal Assistant for Complete Care; I’d decided that I wanted a career change, so I left my job as a TV repairman to learn how to be a care assistant.

I’d never worked in care before, or considered a career in the industry – it’s safe to say that my first few weeks were an incredibly eye opening experience! My first client had a spinal injury; I worked with him for over three years, and we built up a great relationship. Over that time I discovered my passion for care, and I knew I had chosen the right career path.

My usual day in my current role starts at about 8:30am. I’ll arrive at Complete Care HQ in Telford, and put the kettle on for the first cuppa of the day! I usually spend the first part of the morning catching up on emails, voicemails, and planning the day ahead.

I was approached by my Regional Manager to apply for my current role, having worked as a Care Coordinator for an individual client with a large team of PAs. I now manage 13 clients and their teams within our central region. That means I’m responsible for planning rotas for our people, organising cover to make sure all shifts are allocated, and working closely with PAs and the rest of the central management team to keep on top of planning for our clients’ care. That’s a task I’ll take on mid-morning most days, with cup of tea number two in hand!

There’s usually time for a quick bite to eat at lunchtime, before the afternoon gets into full swing. The resident lunch spot at Telford, affectionately called ‘The Hut’, keeps the office fed and watered – I’m particularly partial to their chicken salads!

“Having the opportunity to build relationships with our clients, their PAs, and their wider support network of doctors, therapists, and commissioners is probably my favourite part of the job.”

The rest of my day is usually spent out on the road, visiting clients, carrying out monthly reviews and risk assessments, or conducting team meetings and appraisals with PAs. I really enjoy getting out and about and meeting clients; having the opportunity to build relationships with our clients, their PAs, and their wider support network of doctors, therapists, and commissioners is probably my favourite part of the job.

A few years ago, before I took on this role, I worked at a transitional house in Northfield, Birmingham. The houses are designed to assist clients in the transition period from hospital to home. I managed all the PAs and client packages in my time there. It was quite a different experience to working with clients in their own homes; there was a constant cycle of clients coming into the transition house and then moving on to their own homes. It was great to assist so many different people to prepare them for life back at home, but I missed the continuity and familiarity of working with clients and their teams over time.

After an afternoon catching up with clients and PAs, I’ll usually take stock of the day ready for tomorrow, and head home around 5pm to spend some time with my one year old daughter, Isla, who keeps me on my toes!

If there’s time, I’ll try and get a training run in as well before calling it a day. I really enjoy cycling and walking, and having recently completed the Wolf Run (a 10km obstacle run) I’ve ambitiously signed myself up to run the Birmingham marathon in as part of Complete Care’s #20GoodDeeds campaign!”

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