Daniel's story

We’ve been working with Daniel*, a 35 year old with a brain injury, since 2007. Eight years on, and his quality of life has dramatically improved as a result of our care…

Ten years ago, in July 2005, Daniel’s life changed forever. He was found lying unresponsive in his car by two passers-by – nobody knew how long he had been there. Having been whisked to hospital, and admitted to intensive care, a CT scan revealed that he was suffering from hypoxic brain damage.

Once he was medically stable, Daniel was transferred to a specialist brain injury centre, and in 2007 a team from Complete Care assessed and accepted him as a client.

Daniel presented as severely cognitively impaired, though fully mobile. He was doubly incontinent, reliant on a PEG tube for all nutrition and medication as he had no swallow reflex, and unable to look after any aspect of his self-care.

He also demonstrated significant challenging behaviour, exhibiting physical aggression such as hitting out, kicking and biting.

How did we help?

Having assessed Daniel’s needs, we appointed a team of care assistants to work with Daniel, fully trained through our comprehensive induction course, including supplementary training in challenging behaviour.

Daniel’s team work with him every day to provide his everyday care, manage his behaviour, and enable him to live his life as independently as possible.

Eight years on, and Daniel’s quality of life has dramatically improved, thanks to the hard work and dedication of his care team, and those around him. He’s moved into his own accommodation, and his team have become extremely skilled in managing his behaviour along with providing exceptional every day care.

Daniel grows in independence day by day; he’s regained his swallow reflex and enjoys a full and varied diet, he regularly goes out with his care team, and undertakes a range of structured activities. He also has regular contact with his family, who have consistently expressed their satisfaction with the level and quality of his care.

*Client name has been anonymised due to confidentiality.

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