Amy's story

We've been working with Amy since 2005. Having supported her through university, we now help her to live independently in her own home.

Amy suffers from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a neuromuscular, genetic condition that means she needs 24 hour care. We've been working with Amy for the last ten years. In 2005 she left her parents' home in Norfolk for university - pursuing a degree in media & communications at Birmingham City University.

We worked closely with Amy to put in place full time support that would enable her to live independently as she embarked on student life. Having completed her studies, Amy decided to remain in Birmingham and now lives in her own apartment.

How did we help?

Amy has a team of six personal care assistants (PAs) who help with her personal care and day-to-day living tasks. A young and bubbly team, Amy's team not only act as carers, but as friends too.

Amy lives a very independent life with the assistance of her team, who work flexibly around her lifestyle and interests. She has an active social life, enjoys shopping and going out, and has a number of hobbies - including playing powerchair football. She trains for three hours every week, and attends matches in Nottingham; she's fully supported by her team, who drive her to matches and assist her while she's there.

"I love my team. It’s good to know that I have always got my PAs around if I need them." - Amy

Amy's team really help her to live life to the full, as independently as possible. Her team have built really strong relationships with her over the last decade, boosting her confidence, and supporting her to do things she never thought possible, like travelling abroad. She's recently been on a trip to Amsterdam; with her team's support it was both easy and hassle free, not to mention fun!

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