About us

We're a leading provider of person-centred, nurse-led complex healthcare in the home, and have been since 1996. We work with clients throughout England and Wales, enabling them to live independent lives, from the comfort of their own homes. We seek to enrich our clients' lives through exceptional care, inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence.


Inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke, quality care to our clients. Our vision to enrich lives through exceptional care, inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence, sits right at the heart of the way we work. Our dedicated team of over 700 people is passionate about delivering exceptional care, every day.


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Our mission is to provide care you would choose for a loved one.

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Don't just take our word for it. Read about some of the industry awards we've picked up.

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In 2020 Complete Care acquired Amegreen Complex Homecare and formed Complete Care Amegreen. Keep an eye out for our developing brand.

Complete Care Amegreen

Daniel's story

We've been working with Daniel, a 35 year old with a brain injury, since 2007. Daniel demonstrated significant challenging behaviour as a result of his injury, was reliant on a PEG tube for nutrition and medication as he had no swallow reflex, and was unable to look after any element of his self-care.

Daniel’s team from Complete Care work with him every day to provide his everyday care, manage his behaviour, and enable him to live his life as independently as possible. Eight years on, and his quality of life has dramatically improved as a result of our care.

Meet Kevin...

Hear from one of our clients about his experience of Complete Care, what care means to him, and his thoughts on what makes a good personal care assistant.

Awards & recognition

Don't just take our word for it. Thanks to the hard work of all our people, we've picked up a number of fantastic industry awards.

  • ISCA 2013 Finalist
  • GBCA 2013 Regional Finalist
  • Health Investor Awards 2014 Finalist
  • GBCA 2014 Regional Finalist
  • LaingBuissonAward